Digital embellishments

Date Posted:8 January, 2024

Sector: E-liquid

Product: Digital Labels

Tempest Fine Blend


One of our long-standing customers approached us with the need for highly flexible, digitally printed labels. They wanted the capability to adjust volumes and introduce new SKUs with ease, while maintaining a premium aesthetic and tactile element which was unique to each design.


To meet these requirements, we utilised a dual-layer printing process:

1. Base Layer Printing:

Material: White PP.

Printing Technology: Screen SAI S80 inkjet press.

Design Elements: The majority of the design elements such as background colours and images were printed on this base layer.

2. Lamination:

Overlam: The printed labels were laminated with a matte overlaminate to enhance the premium feel of the product.

3. Final Printing:

Technology: The labels were then run through the Screen SAI S80 inkjet press again.

Design Elements: Black lettering and additional design elements were added. The inkjet ink application results in these elements being slightly raised from the surface, creating a tactile effect somewhere between a spot gloss varnish and screen print.


Flexibility: As this process is digital, no printing plates are required. This makes it easy to introduce new designs or modify existing ones in subsequent runs. It also allows for much more cost effective printing of the pronounced print on the surface.

Premium Aesthetic: The combination of matte overlaminate and raised design elements creates a high-end, tactile experience for the end customer.

This innovative approach allowed the customer to achieve their desired flexibility and premium quality, ensuring their product stands out in a competitive market.

Rod H, Managing Director

"Links Labels have been our trusted label printing partner for many years now. Jonny and the team are always on hand to assist with our requirements and have come up with a number of excellent solutions to achieve our desired results. We maintain a strong working relationship with Links Labels and look forward to continuing this for many years to come."

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