Thermal transfer ribbons

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We offer a wide selection of thermal transfer ribbons, providing cost effective prices for your business.

Whether you require something specific or are not quite sure what would work best with your printer and application, our expert team can assist you with your enquiry.

Ribbon options

No matter your printer or application, we can help


Wax ribbons are the most cost effective option and are best used in conjunction with matt and semigloss paper labels.


A good all rounder, go for these if you print on a mixture of label materials, these provide better scratch resistance than wax options.

Full resin

Intended for use with synthetic labels, full resin ribbons provide excellent scratch and chemical resistance.


These ribbons are for use with more traditional flat-head printers, they have increased contact time with the label which can give better print results.


Due to the print speed of Near-edge printers, these ribbons are designed to release the ink much quicker.

Let us know the printer model and we'll do the rest.

We will use this information to specify the correct ribbon technology, core and winding specification (inside or outside wound) to ensure you we provide you with the right product.

The MOQ will depend on the ribbon specification and size. We will be able to advise on this for you when quoting.

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