Self-laminating labels

Date Posted:17 June, 2024

Self-laminating labels

What are self-laminating labels?

A clever solution

Self-laminating labels are designed with a unique two-part system that ensures the information you write on the label remains legible and protected. These labels consist of an inner writable area and a clear protective laminate attached to the front. The backing of the laminate remains intact until the user is ready to seal the information.

How do they work?

Simple to use

1. Write: The customer can easily write on the inner label using a pen or marker. The writable surface is designed to accept various types of inks, ensuring quick drying times and resistance to smudging.

2. Peel: Once the information is added, simply peel off the backing from the clear top layer. The backing is engineered to peel away smoothly without tearing or leaving any residue.

3. Seal: Stick down the clear laminate over the written area, sealing and protecting the information from smudges, moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors. This creates a durable and tamper-evident barrier.

Advantages of self-laminating labels

There are many

Durability: The clear laminate provides a robust barrier against wear and tear, ensuring that the label remains intact and readable even in harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and physical abrasion.

Versatility: Suitable for a variety of uses, including asset tagging, identification labels, and instructional stickers, our self-laminating labels offer a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Easy to Use: The simple peel-and-stick process makes these labels convenient for users, saving time and effort. The labels can be applied quickly without the need for additional tools or equipment.

Cost-Effective: By protecting the written information, self-laminating labels reduce the need for frequent replacements, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses and individuals. The longevity of these labels ensures that once applied, they remain functional and readable for extended periods.


There are a number of use cases

Our self-laminating labels are ideal for numerous sectors, including:

Industrial: For equipment and machinery labels that need to withstand tough environments, such as exposure to oil, grease, and other harsh chemicals. These labels ensure critical safety and maintenance information remains visible.

Healthcare: To label patient information and medical equipment securely, providing clear and protected identification that meets stringent hygiene standards. They are perfect for labelling items in environments where sanitation is crucial.

Office: Perfect for filing systems, asset management, and inventory control. These labels help maintain organisation and ensure important information is preserved over time.

Retail: To provide clear product information that remains readable despite frequent handling. They are ideal for price tags, product descriptions, and promotional labels that need to look professional and remain intact.

Customisation options

You have a number to choose from

We understand that different applications require different specifications. Our self-laminating labels can be customised to meet your specific needs. Options include:

Size and Shape: Available in various sizes and shapes to fit any application, from small labels for tiny items to large labels for significant assets.

Colour Options: Choose from a range of colours to match your branding or to use as a colour-coding system for easy identification.

Material Choices: Select from different materials suited for specific environments, such as high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, or extra-strong adhesive for challenging surfaces.

Printing Options: We can pre-print your labels with logos, barcodes, or any other information you need, providing a fully customised solution ready for use.

In summary

A great option for a number of tasks

At Links Labels Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering labelling solutions that offer both functionality and durability. Our self-laminating labels are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation, helping you protect important information with ease and efficiency.

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