Premium cosmetics labels

Date Posted:2 July, 2024

Sector: Cosmetics

Product: Embellished Labels

Clear pp, gold cold foil, spot varnish

Project requirements

Premium cosmetics labels

The labels needed to be:

1. Durable and moisture-resistant: Suitable for bathroom environments.

2. Visually appealing: With a luxurious finish to attract customers.

3. Brand consistent: Reflecting their premium branding.


An embellished clear label

We produced the labels using:

Material: Clear polypropylene for durability and moisture resistance.

Printing method: Digital printing for precision and high-resolution designs.

• Embellishments:

Gold cold foil: Adding luxury and elegance.

Spot gloss varnish: Highlighting specific areas for a premium finish.


Top quality digital print and embellishments

1. Digital printing: Ensured high-resolution, accurate reproduction of intricate designs. This was achieved with our HP Indigo WS6900.

2. Embellishment Application: Applied gold cold foil and spot gloss varnish for an upscale look on our ABG Digicon 3.

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