Enhancing medical precision

Date Posted:3 July, 2024

Sector: Medical

Medical labels

Cryogenic labels

Ultra-low temperature applications

Cryogenic labels are engineered to withstand ultra-low temperatures, often as low as -196°C. These labels are essential for labelling samples stored in cryogenic conditions, such as in liquid nitrogen. Our cryogenic labels ensure that vital information remains legible and securely adhered to vials, tubes, and other containers, regardless of the harsh freezing environments they endure.

Chemical slide labels

Robust identification

Chemical slide labels are designed for use in laboratory settings where slides are exposed to various chemicals and staining processes. These labels are resistant to solvents, stains, and other harsh chemicals, ensuring that identification remains clear and intact throughout the testing process. By providing durable and chemical-resistant labelling solutions, we help laboratories maintain accuracy and efficiency in their workflow.

Variable data barcode labels

Precise tracking

Variable data barcode labels are crucial for tracking and managing medical samples and products. These labels can be customised with unique barcodes, serial numbers, and other variable data, enabling precise identification and traceability. Our advanced printing technology ensures that these labels are of the highest quality, with clear and scannable barcodes that facilitate seamless integration into inventory and patient management systems.

Blood bag labels

Improved traceability

Blood bag labels are designed to meet the stringent standards required for blood storage and transfusion. These labels must remain securely attached and legible in various conditions, including refrigeration and handling during transportation. Our blood bag labels are produced with specialised adhesives and materials to ensure they meet these requirements, providing reliable identification and traceability for blood products.

In summary

Commitment to quality and innovation

We are committed to delivering labelling solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our medical labels are produced using cutting-edge technology and materials, ensuring they can withstand the demanding conditions of the medical industry. By partnering with us, our customers can trust that their labelling needs are met with precision, reliability, and innovation.

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