Award winning labels

Date Posted:1 January, 2024

Sector: Food & Drink

Product: Embellished Labels

Aatta gin

The brief

Bespoke multi-side labels

Our client approached us about a set of labels for their new product, featuring a captivating mermaid motif that would appear to be swimming inside the bottle. This required both a small branded front label and a multi-layered two-sided reverse label.

Our solution

Multi-layer digital print with embellishments

Our Solution:

To achieve the desired visual effect, we assisted with finalising designs and colour. We then printed a complex label set that met the client’s needs. The reverse label had to display the mermaid scene on one side, visible through the bottle, while the other side featured the necessary product information.

Printing Process:

1. Digital Printing of the Mermaid Motif:

• We started by digitally printing the mermaid image onto clear polypropylene, ensuring the material’s clarity and durability.

• To create a shimmering effect, we over-laminated the clear polypropylene with silver polypropylene, this added metallic elements to the mermaid to create interest.

2. Printing the Reverse Label:

• We then printed the reverse label design on the face of the silver polypropylene. This included the usual required regulatory and product information alongside additional metallic design elements.

• We finished this side with a rough sandpaper varnish, providing a unique texture to create interest when interacting with the product packaging.

Equipment Used:

• The intricate mermaid design was printed using one of our HP WS6900 digital label printing presses.

• The labels were laminated together, varnished and cut on an ABG Digicon 3.

In summary

Innovative and award winning labels

Award Recognition:

This packaging design was recognised for its excellence and won an award at the World Gin Awards in 2022.

This project showcases our ability to meet complex design needs and deliver high-quality labels. By leveraging advanced printing technology and innovative materials, we created a label that enhances the overall product presentation, earning industry recognition for its outstanding design.

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