A4 label sheets

Date Posted:24 June, 2024

A4 laser sheets

Versatile materials for every application

From office to industrial use

Our label sheets are crafted from three primary materials: laser paper, polyolefin, and polyester. Each material is selected for its unique properties, ensuring optimal performance in different industrial settings.

Laser paper: Ideal for general labelling needs, our laser paper labels are perfect for applications such as shipping labels, product tags, and inventory management. They offer a smooth surface that ensures crisp, clear prints, facilitating easy scanning and reading.

Polyolefin: For environments where labels need to withstand tougher conditions, our polyolefin labels are the perfect choice. Resistant to water, chemicals, and tearing, these labels are ideal for labelling chemical containers, outdoor equipment, and products exposed to challenging conditions.

Polyester: Our polyester labels provide the highest level of durability and resistance, making them suitable for extreme industrial environments. They are perfect for asset tracking, machinery labelling, and safety signs, maintaining integrity even under harsh conditions.

Adhesive options

From simple to specialist use cases

To complement our range of materials, we offer several adhesive options to ensure your labels stay in place as long as needed, yet can be removed cleanly when necessary.

Permanent Adhesive: Our permanent adhesive labels are designed to stay put once applied, providing a secure bond that ensures your labels remain in place. These labels are perfect for long-term applications where labels need to withstand handling and environmental factors without peeling or falling off.

Removable Adhesive: For temporary labelling needs, our removable adhesive labels offer the perfect solution. They adhere securely but can be removed cleanly without leaving residue, making them ideal for applications like temporary signage, promotional labelling, and more.

Glass Peelable Adhesive: We also offer a unique adhesive specifically designed for use on glass surfaces. Our glass peelable adhesive ensures labels can be removed from glass cleanly and easily, leaving no residue behind. This makes them perfect for the glass and glazing industry, where labels need to be applied to windows, profile, sealed units, and other glass products without leaving marks.

Plain or printed

Customisation to suit your brand

Whether you need plain labels for general use or printed labels to showcase your brand, we have you covered. Our plain labels provide a blank canvas for your printing needs, ensuring high-quality results every time. If you prefer a customised touch, we offer bespoke printing from 1 to 8 spot colours or in 4 colour process.

Sheet layouts and label size

A range of sizes and shapes available

We offer a variety of A4 sheet size cutters with various shapes, sizes and layouts of labels, ensuring you have the perfect label for any application. Our range includes standard shapes like rectangles, squares, circles, and ovals, as well as specialised configurations to fit a wide array of products and surfaces.

Should we not have the layout or label size which you require, we can have a new cutting die made quickly and cost effectively.

In summary

Versatility and quality

We are dedicated to providing top-quality label sheets designed to meet the rigorous demands of business and manufacturing processes. With our range of materials, adhesive options, and customisation capabilities, our labels offer reliable performance and versatility. Whether you need durable labels for harsh environments, temporary solutions for short-term needs, or specialised adhesives for glass surfaces, our products deliver exceptional quality and functionality.

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